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Yes You Can Book Library

Welcome to the Yes, You Can Book Library!  Below, you will find our collection of books, which are available in a downloadable e-book format. Additional resources are available using the links on the left.

Yes, You Can… Achieve Financial Independence
By James E. Stowers

Yes, You Can... Achieve Financial Independence will:

  • Reveal strategies for combating your biggest enemy - the shrinking value of a dollar.
  • Teach you important facts about stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Show you how investing even a small amount every month, year after year, can result in much higher yields than investing the same amount annually as a lump sum.
  • Explain ways you can budget for all the necessities of day-to-day living while investing for the future.


Yes, You Can… Raise Financially Aware Kids
By Jack Jonathan

With Yes, You Can... Raise Financially Aware Kids, you have a fun resource to teach your children to appreciate the value of a dollar. Inside, you’ll find information, resources and activities to show your children fundamental financial principles, including:

  • The history of money 
  • Money values
  • How to manage an allowance
  • Achieving financial goals
  • The difference between saving and investing
  • Becoming a wise consumer
  • Making donations
  • Ways to expand their knowledge on their own


Yes, You Can… Afford to Raise a Family
By Sam Goller

One of the key factors to financial freedom is defining your family’s values, including the role money plays in your life. That’s why, throughout Yes, You Can... Afford to Raise a Family, you will be invited to define your priorities and understand how you think about money.

Yes, You Can… Achieve Financial Harmony
By Sam Goller and Deborah Shouse

Yes, You Can… Achieve Financial Harmony invites couples to address these differences with common sense, good communication and a dash of humor. It also points out ways to build compromises where money values differ and ways to avoid painful quarrels that can damage your relationship.

Yes, You Can... Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams
By James E. Stowers, Jack Jonathan, and Sheelagh Manheim, PhD

Success doesn’t just happen. You need a plan – whether you’re a recent graduate or a veteran of life’s ups and downs. Yes You Can… Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams shows you how to start that planning process and chart your own pathway to success. 

The Best is Yet to Be
By James E. Stowers and Jack Jonathan

The Best is Yet to Be provides a fascinating, behind-the-scenes perspective on the beginnings of American Century Investments and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. But even more intriguing is the insight this books offers into Jim Stowers himself. How did he develop the ideas and beliefs that carried him from the pilot’s cockpit, to medical school, to the heights of the financial world, to the leading edge of bioscience?